Born into a very multicultural society of Trinidad, West Indies, Jason Sultan-Khan was immediately exposed to eccentricities in musical styles that led to a passion for music of all genres and further ignited his drive to create flavors for the moods that are altered by the seasons.
Having had the pleasure to work with such artists as Default, Swollen Members, Smoother, Not By Choice, Kathleen Edwards, Staggered Crossing, Stabilo, Doctor, Grindig, Morning Maker, Hennessey, Nine Mile, Bif Naked, Danny Michel, Jian Ghomeshi, The Rockin' Highliners, Jeremy Fisher, Craig Cardiff, Martina Sorbara, and Sarah Slean, Sultan-Khan has learned and continues to learn that learning about this industry never ends, but it is refreshing to know that having met so many talented people thus far, one will get out of this 'journey' whatever one is willing to put into it.
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