Ha ! this song really repulsed and attracted me at the same time. I loathed it...and yet i could not bear to stop listening. It seem always on the verge of collapsing into abject cacaphony, and yet continued to "almost make sense"....but not quite ! That kept me listening, hoping I would be able to discern the theme that was hinted at but never realized. In the end, I felt cheated out of 4 or so minutes of time. But how could the music create such a visceral emotion of betrayal ? It must be a lot better than it sounds.
Composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, Jan-Mikael writes and performs in many styles ranging from contemporary jazz and modern classical to nu-grass with a twist....He records and performs with classically trained soprano Maarit Vaga...the duo recently finished recording a CD of original arrangements of Finnish tangos!
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