Born in the inner city of Chicago, I quickly adapted to the street life. My mother made sure that I kept my education as a priority as well. To balance out my life I made her happy and proud by staying in school and doing fairly well and at the same time that allowed me freedom to be able to hang out in the streets because I gained her trust. Unlike most kids my age out gangbanging,

I occupied my time in the streets by rapping which gained me respect in the hood. I became one of the best around the south side. Graduated, got my diploma and headed off to the Navy. Traveled the world, fought in desert storm and returned with an Honorable discharge all before I was 21.

In the navy was when I was given my nickname "C.D.N." They said it was because I was street smart, educated, had a license to carry a weapon, and was quick with my hands, so that made me one of Chicago's Deadliest Ni___’s. I just abbreviated it to C.D.N. Once I got out, I noticed that I had perfected my sty
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