James Johnson currently lives in Texas just outside of the capital city, Austin. He has been a performer for more than 28 years and has won numerous awards in the United States and abroad. It was in the western suburbs of Chicago that he learned to play several instruments during his early childhood. His father wisely directed him to concentrate on becoming proficient on one of the several instruments at which he tried his hand. Taking his fathers advice to heart, James decided to play the saxophone in his early teens. He is now proficient on the Soprano, Alto, Tenor saxophones as well as the AKAI Electronic Wind Instrument, and the Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller.

The saxophone is his primary instrument of choice, however his technical savvy in using Computer Technology, Keyboard Synthesizers, and Digital Audio Work Stations. These state of the art tools aide him in composing, recording, arranging and producing his many original music and World Wide Web presentations.
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