Thanks for hittin' my site.Here you can find out what's up with me,my people,my music and my gigs.
You can listen to cuts, check out the photo gallery and send me a what's up if you like or need to.
Buy my music at www.broadjam.com/artists/artistindex.asp?artistID=20852

I'll be with Reed Waddle this week-The Funky Blues Shack- Destin Fl. at 10:00 wed,fri,sat the 14,16,17.
come on down, it won't work with out you.

All instruments played by Iver Thue except where noted. Everything PRODUCED by IBT using ACID/Paris.
Most drum parts were programmed or cut up samples in the public domain

Be real and please feel...

CHECK OUT MY NEWEST CD "Show Me and Other Things"

Iver Thue Bassist-Producer

So you play the bass and you like to get funky.
That's right, I do! I also like to make musicans happy
helping them produce their art in a natural, syncronistic environment.
I love to play live and support other players on the road, and in the studio. I am married to a wonderful and loving woman Lisa Demanuel,
and we have a very special daughter Tynen Bayne Demanuel-Thue;
who will no doubt surpass us both in many ways.
I was born in Miami and currently live in Gainesville FL.
I began to play alto sax in 8th grade, although I sang in chorus since 3rd grade. The alto was the first instument I studied. I switched over to the bass in my senior year of high-school and that was it. I was hooked. At the time most of the music I was into had upfront melodic bass players like
Rush, Level 42, Yes, Miles Davis, etc. I had a real drive to play
their music and the bass was my chance. Most of my peers were playing guitar so I went to 4 strings.That's how it started...the end is far away and the present is going strong... writing, producing,playing.Currently playing bass with Reed Waddle(.com) an Internationaly acclaimed songwriter. I am also producing Danny Rochell a neo-soul R&B artist, working on his album and taking it live to the people.I write jingles and am
starting to write my first screen play and film score.I have just released my album "show me and other things" and will do some touring for that album in the spring.So, I'm sure there will be
more soon,until then, contact my studio if your serious about your art.

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