From So Cal, "iDS" - iNDIVIDUAL DESTRUCTION SEQUENCE IDS-- is determined to communicate through sound!
-- Dryw Keltz, of San Diego CityBeat Magazine, best describes this all original in your face "Mentally Aggressive" Hard Rock band with this quote, "Angry, female-fronted, grunge-esque rock band that hearkens back to the glory days of L7, The Gits and Seven Year Bitch."
Maverik Monroe's straight to the point sarcasm touches on issues faced by all of us in today's unpredictable and sometimes hypocritical standards and expectations of a twisted society. Adding a personal touch with original lyrics and vocals created from her own psychotic episodes.offers a unique sound with powerfully strong female vocals. This aggressive high energy sound will pound through your mind with deep bass riffs, penetrating guitar sounds and dark haunting drums beats come together creating a heavy melodic vibe that will that leaves you all fired up and will no doubt rock you!

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8pm IDS
9pm Collagemenage
10pm Worthy Gubbins
EVERY FRIDAY IN AUGUST with special guests!
Rhythm Lounge
3048 Midway Drive San Diego

"iDS" Mentally Aggressive Hard R

and so it begins.. down to the ground to get out of the rain down to the ground! Hut one Hut two everybody's watching you!! The ants go marching 10 x10 and evrybody does it again!

"iDS" was created by Maverik Monroe in the end of 2003. "iDS" started out as a 3-piece with Monroe playing the Bass John Rock on the Drums and a various guitarists. In 2007 "iDS" hook up with former front man Snake Feider from BROADSYDE and that launched their 2007 "Eat me Whip me Beat me Get me off" release with their tour "Merging of the Psychotic" tour. In 2008 Monroe decided it was time to try and give it all in the vocals and grab a Bass player Victor to pick up the slack....

2009 line-up and hotter than ever... Look for their newest hit "You're like a comedown"

Vocals- Maverik Monroe

Drums- John Rock

Armed with 2 guitarists Mad Witte and Burn Johnny Burn

Bass-Unicursal Victures

Bio- a bit about us

"Mentally Aggressive" Hard Rock!

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