Hayley is an Anglo-Indian pop diva from a family of ten with plenty to talk about. She is a native of Brixton, the tough, music loving London neighborhood that gave rise to the working class narratives of punk rock and the infectious grooves of Soul to Soul, and the spirit of each is in her work. Her band will be performing cuts from her upcoming LP, "Leaving London" a soulful musical memoir that tells the unique story of one funky, sexy immigrant. Her unique vocal style and pop sensibility reflect musical influences as diverse as her voice coach's Ali Akba Khan, the famous Indian singer / sitar player, and Raz Kennedy of Bobby McPheron's "Voicestra", to her tenure as one of the lead singers of the wildly popular 70's cover band "Super Booty." This is Sade meets Prince by way of the streets of south London. This band is not to be missed.


*** Hayley just had an amazing interview with "Unsigned Music Magizine" and ended up with the front cover, & 3 additional pages of the January edition. The magazine loved the music, loved the vibe, and gave a positively shining review of Hayley, and her band “The Vibe”. You can check out the magazine at www.unsignedmusicmag.com

*** Hayley’s unforgettable song, "I Can't do that" was recently released on "Destination Lounge", a compilation album put out by JBL Records. Sales of the album are strong both locally, and internationally. You can check out the album online by going to www.amazon.com and doing a search for “Destination Lounge”.

*** The same song, "I Can't Do That" snagged a winning spot in the Song of the Year, November rounds. You can check out the competition at: http://www.songoftheyear.com/winners.htm

*** "Artists Against Aids USA" founder "Joe Wilson" is putting out a compilation album called "Soundtrack of the Soul". It's going to feature a mixture of well known, and unknown artists, and Hayleys song "Love You Girl" has made the cut and will be featured on the album. This album is expected to be released by the end of March 2005.

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