Evoking raw emotion and mood with the aid of catchy melodies and solid rock rhythms, Harsh Krieger gives a definitive, tasteful life to that gray area looming between modern rock and mainstream pop, and presents it in a purely honest and attractive way. Morphed from the surnames of founding members vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jake Harsh and lead guitarist Jesse Krieger, Harsh Krieger is complete with drummer Ben Showalter and bassist Chris Boyle.

Harsh Krieger recently had their tracks “Home”, “Luming”, “Change” and “The Shore” featured on MTV’s Real World and Road Rules, and had the opportunity to headline the first “Gibson Rocks!” private industry event in New York City.

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Harsh Krieger, acclaimed Nashville Modern Rock quartet, makes New York City debut at Arlene's Grocery August 21st

NASHVILLE, TN. (Clear Channel) - Harsh Krieger, the acclaimed Nashville modern rock quartet whose music has appeared on the 2004 seasons of MTV's popular 'Road Rules X-Treme' and 'The Real World,' will make its New York City debut at Arlene's Grocery on Saturday, August 21 at 9:30 pm. The band, named for founders Jake Harsh and Jesse Krieger, has been identified by industry insiders as a break-out act, recognized for their adept songwriting hooks, a versatile, growing repertoire and polished stage presence.


Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, David Gray


In a world of pop drivel, Harsh Krieger are set to champion eloquently intense rock and roll into the mainstream. Citing musical influences such as the guitar driven melodies of Led Zeppelin, the theatrical approach of Coldplay and the acoustic-electric blend of David Gray; Harsh Krieger creates a fresh modern rock sound with pop sensibility.

The self titled debut album, Harsh Krieger, due out in the spring of 2005 unveils Jake and Jesse’s personal reflections on life and its impact on all of us in a familiar and personal way. The heartfelt lyrics and rich melodies take listeners back to a time when music was the truth between a man and his guitar.

The Harsh Krieger live show is a visual splendor. The passion and energy of their music, emboldened by lights, movement and pristine production, are enough to send chills down your spine. Jesse Krieger’s signature guitar riffs blended with the longing in Jake Harsh’s voice create undeniably human and raw emotions in those listening.

With a fierce determination to be heard Harsh Krieger has licensed several tracks to Bunim-Murray Productions, producers of MTV’s “The Real World,” “Road Rules,” and “The Simple Life.” The tracks Luming and The Shore are featured on “Road Rules X-Treme” and Home is featured in the season premiere of “The Real World: Philadelphia.”

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Harsh Krieger, a production team based in Nashville TN, is quickly becoming a force in defining the sound of a generation. With a production facility on Music Row the duo of Jake Harsh and Jesse Krieger have worked with over 20 artists in the past year alone. Often working well in the morning hours perfecting mixes they have proven sound competition to the big boys on the block without the overhead or $1,000,000 studio.

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