Grey Sanford has a singer/songwriter feel with elements of blues, country and jazz.

The Story of Grey Sanford

With a uniquely appealing sound and unassuming style, Grey Sanford has a singer/songwriter feel with hints of blues, jazz, rock & a little bit of ?jam? which harkens back the sound of The Allman Bros & Marshall Tucker Band with a new millennium spin. With their infectious melodies, harmonies, chilled hooks and honest lyrics Grey Sanford has gathered quite a diverse following. At any given show you?ll find a crowd filled with 20 somethings to 50 somethings, each dancing and singing along and wanting more. Started in the winter of 2004, Grey Sanford was born around 4 musicians with a love of music and songwriting. With influences ranging from Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Stevie Ray to Dave Matthews and Phish, Grey Sanford intricately weaves these different styles into their songwriting to create a sound all their own. Grey Sanford is currently working with Grammy Award winning producer Vini Poncia on their follow up album.

The Band

Greg Roch: Accoustic guitars, vocals
Neil Gagnon: Lead guitars, vocals
Jon Carosi: Drums; percussion
Mike Geer: Bass Guitars, vocals
Angela Cardarelli: Keys, vocals

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Todd McKinney
over 30 days ago to Grey Sanford

Grey, thanks for your review. I appreciate it. I did this a few years ago. Still learning to engineer and produce myself (not to mention getting used to the BJam site). You might be right about the reverb on This Wintered Heart, although i was going more for a vintage, Everly Brothers sound. Modern pop uses much less.
Thanks, again.

Thanks for your review of "Glass of Truth". Glad you liked it. Jim.

Baylee Kuss
over 30 days ago to Grey Sanford

Thank you for the comment. I appreciate the time.
Baylee K

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