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Release date: 24/05/2019
New single track "Extraterrestrial Reminiscences" - Melodic House & Techno
Written by Gixhouze - Produced and Published by Casissima Music (Florence - Italy).
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Gixhouze (Giovanni Pizzi)

Giovanni Pizzi, known as Gixhouze, was born in Livorno (Italy) on 11 October 1961. After his first piano lessons, at the age of 10, his family decides he should not continue studying music but pursue an administrative career instead. His journey as a self-taught musician started then. As an organ-keyboard player, in 1981, during his compulsory military service, he becomes friends with pianist Egidio Apicella, with whom he starts performing live. In 1985, after meeting singer Sabina Manetti, he joins the rock band "VU Meter", formed by drummer Pier Paolo Carichino (former RCA), guitarist Gino Pozzi, bass player Mirco Cristiani and, occasionally, saxophonists Luigi Nasti and Alessandro Riccucci. In 1988, after leaving "VU Meter", Alessandro Riccucci introduced him to the "Bluesisterici", a 13-member band defined by the voices of Sabina Manetti and Cristina Pantaleone. At the same time, having always been a keen dance music fan, he composes electronic music, attracted by the increasingly popular House Music phenomenon. In 1989 he meets Roberto Federighi and guitarist Ranieri Cerelli, both founders of the new wave band "Neon" in Florence. With them he participates in the "Ch'i" project, an experimental ambient-electronic band, which, in 1992, thanks to his contribution creates a Progressive-House production, with the special effects creator Otello Scacciati and the voice of Giorgio Ontanetti, plus the brief collaboration of DJ Gabry Fasano. From then on Gixhouze starts collaborating with DJs. His inspiration comes from friend DJs Roby J., Stefano Noto, Francesco Farfa, Miki and Gabry Fasano, later followed by Sandro Vibot, Mario Più and Lore J. From 1994, after leaving "Ch'i", he devotes his time to house music; collaborations worth mentioning include, in 1996-98, DJ Samuel Kimkò, with whom he founds the "Akira Recors" label, to produce mixes involving DJs such as Claudio Diva, Bruno Le Kard, Alex Cignè, Alex Dee, Giuliano Dulmin, Giorgia B., Sandro Vibot and Lore J. In 1998, together with Alessandro Riccucci, he starts the trip-hop/jungle "Deltanova" band, with vocalists Silvia Bientinesi and Biagio Volandri Verdolini, and produces the record "Space of Love". The same year, having abandoned the "Deltanova" project, he creates the techno-dub band "Ochossi", with drummer Roberto Federighi, guitarist Marco Dughera, saxophonist Alessandro Riccucci and two singers and percussionists from Senegal, Has and More, and performs in discos and at public concerts for approximately a year. Following the collaboration with DJs Roby J. and, later, DJ Vincent Cornetto, from Washington, in 2004 Gixhouze starts to work exclusively with DJ Lore J. He also performs live with Italian rock band "Mamasi" (Marco Franci: guitar, Marco Frulletti: bass, Silvia Bientinesi: vocals and Matteo Oldani: drums), with singer Biagio Volandri Verdolini (with whom he starts the experimental electronic project "Zamaba") and with Gianluca Ferri's trip-hop group "Geeno & The Generator". In 2011 he starts his own music label, "Gix Music", and publishes an EP called "Why". Production work continues with singer Biagio Volandri Verdolini, drummer Roberto Federighi, guitarist Marco Franci, bass player Marco Frulletti, saxophonist Alessandro Riccucci, composer Gianluca Ferri and DJs Lore J (Lorenzo Banchi) and Annina Dj (Anna Meucci). After a silence of 7 years, due to serious family problems, in 2019 Gixhouze returned to the scene, both as an artist and as a producer. "Gix Music" label has established a collaborative relationship with "Casissima Music" label (Lore J is the owner). In addition to being a producer of himself for the various kinds of house music, he is also a producer of the electronic / downtempo group "Hypnol" and of the Italian electronic pop / hiphop group "RGB Sound".

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