Gil Transit is a four piece Power-Funk unit from Buffalo New York. The band is looking to move to the next level with the release of their debut cd entitled Propaganda. Propaganda is Gil Transit at their best. Precise and catchy, sarcastic and powerful, this band is destined to leave their mark in an age when music doesn't quite know what to be.

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Gil Transit has been chosen to be 1 of 12 bands (out of 540 competing acts) to be featured on the Emergenza Best of the USA Compilation cd. This is what Emergenza says about Gil Transit "GIL TRANSIT from Buffalo with the song Mule which is sang predominantly by two voices with a beginning that develops into something along the lines of ‘white funk’. The tendency of the band to cross over is very strong but they don’t let themselves be held by the hand too much. In my opinion, they are the most convincing on this compilation. They do not go unnoticed among the other bands and deserve the prize for effectiveness and originality. OPTIMAL!" - Wiz of Oz - Emergenza

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SUMMER 1992:
A secret squad operating under the name 100 Iced Animals began an assault on the ears of all who had fallen under the spell of popular culture and bad radio. The operation spread over 10 states along the east coast of the United States and the squad recruited hundreds of loyal followers. Their tour of duty lasted 8 years before the squad discovered that their mission was compromised. One of the elite five was determined to be a traitor and was quickly removed from the force. The group was disassembled immediately and disapperared into the shadows, to wait for further instruction.

WINTER 2000:
The order came for the remaining 4 members to reassemble and to continue with the mission. The newly assembled stealth squad would operate under the name GIL TRANSIT. With the new and improved unit, Gil Transit began to put together a new arsenal of sound. The group was placed on active duty and began their mission once again. This time, the sound would go on the quick attack with shorter tunes based on velocity and groove. The unit began testing their new weaponry immediately, and Gil Transit was back in action. The four man unit went back into hiding and began to record this new sound and produce their debut cd entitled Propaganda - due out the summer of 2004. An all out assault is soon to follow!

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