Williams’ simple yet truthful lyrics paired with her delicate and haunting voice help to weave melodies that are appealing to the ears as well as the heart. There is a passion that leaks between her notes and lingers with the listener long after the song has ended. One thing is for certain, Williams is not just another brooding singer/songwriter. She is a seasoned storyteller - and a force with which to be reckoned.


Every “How To Break Into the Music Industry” book I’ve ever read tells me that these types of blurbs are supposed to be filled with quotations from my stock of glowing reviews and press clippings. I’m told that you want to read about the 1,500 CD’s I’ve sold, as well as my grueling four month cross-country solo tour during which I lived (and slept) in the back of my 1996 Honda Civic. And believe me – I could tell you all about it.

I would, however, be lying.

You see, truth be told, I’ve never recorded an album. I’ve never been featured in a magazine, and since I don’t have a driver’s license, the cross-country solo tour is out. I could listen to the experts and use the next 250 words to tell you all the things that are sure to make you see how unique - yet totally marketable - I am. But honestly? I would rather just tell you the truth – about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

I grew up in an eastern suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and moved away the first chance I got. I ran to New York City because somebody told me it was the only place to go. I know now that this is not true, and while I have lived in New York for two years, my friends still get angry with me because I don’t walk fast enough to keep up with the crowds. I guess you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.

In my not-quite-twenty-one years I have told many stories. I have fallen in love twice - once when I was 16 and once when I was 20. I have sat on a beach in Cuba and smoked a cigar. I have danced with my father. I have watched Billy Joel play piano from less than 10 feet away. I have painted my little sister’s nails. I have seen Casablanca once, and Newsies more times than I can count. I have fed the pigeons in Red Square. I have battled a life changing illness – and won. I have Lee Greenwood’s “I am proud to be and American” on my iPod. I have left my wallet in the back of a New York City taxi – and had it returned to me. I have bought a guitar on vacation because I missed mine so much. I have counted the number of lovers kissing on the staircases of Grand Central Terminal. I have laughed until I cried, and I have cried until I have fallen asleep.

I have only lived for a short while.

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