Giles started exploring the piano at the age of 8 years old and has never stopped. Based in Glasgow he plays piano for The Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra, collaborating with a number of important artists such as Keith Rowe, Fred Frith, Maggie Noicols, Walter Pratti, George Lewis and Evan Parker. The Orchestra have several recordingson CD and have been critically acclaimed in the UK and Europe. Giles also performs as part of 'Starting Point Zero' an ongoing collaboration between musicians, story tellers and actors touring the UK and Italy recorded on FMR Records. He has also recently recorded an Piano/Sax duet album with Raymond Macdonald inspired by David Mackenzies new film 'Asylum' for which he was also sound designer. As a founding member of Savalas audio as composer and sound designer, Giles has worked on hundreds of TV and commercial projects including Taggart, BBC Horizon, Toyota commercials, and PS2 games 'Haven Call of the King'. www.myspace/gileslambo


1997 – 2003 Haven: Call of the King – Midway Games, Sony Playstation 2
Little Angels,Monogram
Taggart STV
All Over Brazil Posh Pictures Tartan Short
The Call, Deadly Timing Hannaywood Productions
Room for the Night Digicult
The Lovers Tartan Short, Saltire Productions
Small Moments Oxygen Films
A Small Piece of Paradise Mandragora Productions
Dancer Short film Cineworks
STV Ident (1998-2002) and Scotland Today
The Kirsty Wark Show
Na Daoine Beaga ,Snas, The Fame Game, Ukool, FBI (BBC)
Toyota Corolla Vida
The Scotsman, The Herald
Barker and Stonehouse
Privilege Insurance
Scottish Census Campaign
Instructional Yoga CD – Background
Ascendance – Mediation CD
Lighthouse Suite (Ambient music for the Lighthouse, Glasgow)
Chariot of Light – lament, train journey, work theme
SPZ , gym 3, St Andrews, Beach Gig
Electronic pieces – Ends of the universe
Savalas – Movie!! – CD ROM

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