Gigger is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. At the age of only 25 he has gained over 10 years experience of songwriting and producing. He established his own recording studio at the age of 20 under the name of Railroad Productions. Nowadays it's the songwriting and recording of own material which is the main focus although there's given attention to a few other projects too. Gigger is currently based in norway, a short drive south of the Norwegian capitol Oslo.

"-I've never studied music at a university level, however I did take guitar lessons for nearly 10 years, so still feel like I've picked up enough to keep myself going musically. Guitar's my main instrument, although I play several other instruments, like drums, bass and piano. I play most of the instruments myself on my recordings, with the odd track here and there where I've had friends in the studio helping me out."

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We are from the country far north, the country where the sun don't shine, Yes, it's Norway we'er talking about. Overdub is "gigger" (20) and "mr fallback" (24). We've been writing and record songs for six years now and have never let go of it. This is the only thing we've got true passion for. Most of the songs we make are a crossing between pop and rock also called pop/rock :). We've are also owners of a known recordingstudio in norway. Check our homepage at Well, I don't think there's much more to say, but I truly hope you the songs we've made.

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