Gost Riter? So, you must be thinking - what is it or who is it? With the unique sound of this new Christian rap artist, I'm sure it will be a household name soon.

Gost Riter was born and raised in Houston, and is very excited about his new album, "My Brothas Keepa",

If you are interested in learning more about Gost Rider and the exceptional artistic talent that he possess, please review the contents of the songs.

Gost Riter has a sound that is a unique blend of R&B, Pop, Rap and Contemporary music. With its powerful message of Christianity, it appeals to young and old alike, thus proving that the Word of God is boundless and transitions across all ethnic, gender, age and musical styles.

With life experiences being at the root of the story telling lyrics, it provides comfort and encouragement to the masses whether they have personally undergone adversity or have experienced it through friends, family, co-workers or whomever.

Incredible Talent & Versatility

I have seen entertainers come and go; Ghost Writer is a rarity that only comes ever so often. His ability to change his style and feel a track with his heart is phenomenal and not to be matched. He has a creative vision for his songs that does not truly fully come out on his CD, but after repeated review of his material you can’t help but see the vision for yourself and be brought into Ghost Writers world. His music has truly transformed my life and he is the future of holy hip hop, with a swagger that will change hearts and meet people where they are at. Each song is a compelling message that will penetrate the depths of your soul and speak to your inner man. The world has been blessed by God with a true treasure in giving Ghost Writer.

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