Gernado (G) the Floridian making continued strides in the industry with a national movement (Stop The Violence, Use Your Talents). With the constant rise of crime and murder in the community he feels that it is important to try and promote the use of talents instead of violence which will enable the youth to be productive and use their time wisely.

The Hip Hop community has seen its share of violence and now it’s time to show the talent that is also “IN DA HOOD”.
In memory of both Gernado’s cousin Rickie Abrams, and brother Thomas Abrams Jr. aka Psycho Versatile he is on a mission to use his talents and help somebody. Gernado feels that though his business has suffered the death of both co-founders and main artist entertainer he is more persistent than ever to accomplish success in the music business to become a leader and a HIP HOP icon.
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