Book author and aspiring song writer.

The Florida Georgia Line band would love the "Dust To Gold" song, which was completed 12-21-21. And the song would love them!!!

"The Lovin' Time" was written with Alan Jackson in mind because of the close, loving relationship he has with his wife and family. One thing for sure, the ladies love the song.

And, if anyone personally knows country star Jason Aldean, tell him that Gene and Terry Wallace, who resides in Warner Robins, GA, wrote a great copyrighted song for him, named "Macon Boys."
Listen to the song and you will know that Jason will love it. Why? Duh-uh, because he was born and raised in Macon, Georgia! You might also ask him to review "Money," "Country Boy's Dream," "Good-Lookin' Woman," "How Many Times?", and "Jose, Salt & Lime."

Gene and Terry also wrote "Wholeheartedly," "Country Boy's Dream," "Sailin' Thru the Islands," and "Money" with Zac Brown in mind. Give a listen to the copyrighted songs mentioned above.

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NOTEWORTHY EVENT: My songwriting partner, Terry Wallace, is a member of a contemporary rock band, The Henrys, which recently created a ten-song album in Terry's new recording studio. The album, Cross Eyed Cat, which can be found on dropbox under "The Henrys Mastered From Studio B" label, is one I highly recommend your review and purchase of desired songs!
The songs will turn you into a bobble-headed being who cannot help but move and sway to the energy filled, rhythmic music.


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Great tunes Gene and Terry! Y'all be jukin'

Louie Cate
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cool gene, banjo makes the whole thing valid

Gene Gatwood
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Gene has written and published a $2.99 Smashwords edition e-book "Dobie's River," which is approximately 160,000 words. It should be a MUST READ for prospective college students; especially Chapters 37 (A Georgia Tech Obstacle,) 38 (The Yellow Jacket Overwhelms,) and 39 (First Quarter Grades.)

Faced with initial overwhelming obstacles, this young man packed up his belongings and returned home. However, he could not live with the thought of having quit. So, he returned to school and went on to achieve a doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, he was recognized as one of the top Georgia Tech graduating students when he completed his course work from that prestigious university.

In 2004, the engineer, Tom Malone, was inducted into the Georgia Tech Engineering Hall of Fame. In attendance at the ceremony was Tom's former boss and close friend, Mr. Roger Milliken, of Milliken & Company, Inc. After receiving his Bachelor degree, Tom completed his PhD Chemical Engineering course work in less than three years. During the 2004 Hall of Fame ceremony, one of the presenters stated that it was a record accomplishment that still remained intact.

The book is a humorous, informative easy read about young men and women during their first years of college life, including certain amounts of sex, destruction and rejection of authority.

Overall theme is Churchill's quote, "NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!"

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It's a must read!!! Never Give Up ... :)

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