started as a drummer at age 11. I play pretty well every instrument although not necessaily every instrument pretty well :-)
highlight: opening for Conway Twitty, release of an album
90's left music to start a business, didn't even own a guitar
2003 Partner bought me out of what had become a national company with over 500 employees
since then I've been trying to get my chops back on the various instruments and have been trying to learn to produce. Instead of no guitar I now have 14,1 violin, 2 steel, banjo, 2 sets drums etc etc
I have a very good home studio as well as a video edit suite. I spend most of every day ( and night if you belive my wife) writing and recording. . I appreciate any and all critiques.

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First new release in years.
check out new CD
Finally got tired of pitching to others


Gene Pringle is releasing his first CD in January 2011, marking a departure for the talented songwriter who has been pitching songs to others for the past several years. Gene is possibly one of the most talented musicians you've never heard of. Starting as a drummer at age 13, Gene has played just about every instrument for a number of bands as well as headlining.
Gene makes his home in Belleville, Ontario

The CD "Crazy on my Guitar" consists of fourteen original songs, mostly uptempo, combining high energy country grooves with a multitude of instruments and styles, the kind of songs you take to a party and produced entirely by Gene.

Lyrics are heartfelt and combine personal experience with humour and insight covering a very diverse subject matter.

As well as being a fanatical follower of world events, Gene is interested in all things technical and has, as president of Acme Multimedia, produced 5 promo music videos for other artists as well as a TV Pilot "Kitchen Party" .

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