Gerald Harbour has more than 20 years experience as an active, working musician in the Southern California area. GeeGee (as he is commonly called) has excelled as a BMI registered songwriter, and record producer. He recently established his own production company, GeeGee110 Productions Inc. as a means of furthering his independent growth. GeeGee has worked for the last 4 years as a programmer for Kurt Farquhar who was named BMI Composer of the Year ? 2001.

Technology Owned and Operated by GeeGee Harbour?s 110 Production Studio
Unlimited tracks of State of the art digital recording equipment, locking to picture for TV/Film Production.
Digital editing completed in Apple Logic 9 Format. Proficient in the use of Apple Macintosh system and applications, most specifically Apple G5 Power Mac ,& G5 Macbook Pro, All composition, programming, and production are executed using the following equipment: NI Maschine,Reason, Battery 4, Recycle, melondyne
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