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A musician since age 5, which now is a very long time ago, I have made the long journey through more styles and genres than I can count. As I suspect it has been for most composers it has been a love hate relationship filled with passion, pleasure and disappointment, the ecstasy of getting it perfectly right and the excruciating frustration of not being able to find that right note or word to save your life.

And I have settled into the self-generated music of a solo artist. I long ago lost interest in playing in bands or even of performing for that matter. I love the quiet, solitary life of a composer. It suits me and my personality.

The music may be sad at times but there is always a glimmer of hope in it. Life continually reinvents itself. New forms, new creatures, new combinations. Composers are only obeying the natural laws of life.

Music makes itself. In some cases, I get to be the first one to hear it.
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