Gibsound Productions Inc presents the music of Mark & Tracy Gibson performing as "Funk Mista Bone". The continuing saga of the Mothership connection. This band of "Funk Mistas"find themselves in a bind as their Meca Bus suffers Mechanical failure(Do to a previous Battle of the Band in space,) leading them off course and forceing them to make a crash landing on the planet Earth.Little did they know that the landing pad they chose,was a well lit traveling circus of minstrel mayhem.Suprisingly only takeing one life,and that being of one (Filet Maxilla Bone)the ring master.Yet not being able to apologize enough,the Funk Mistas must continue on with their mission,and that is to pick up personal passengers and deliver them to the meeting place of the MOTHERSHIP.But what they dont know is,that the one personal passenger they do have,has Transformed and is now the Entity the Fuss ,and all that comes within contact of this craft is doomed to be (BONEIFYDE) .What an abduction!
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