Groover history

Some years back river guides and bike guides began to observe ecologically friendly camping methods. These earth friendly types searched for a method of storing and transporitng human feces out of the wilderness. The first storage containers were metal Army surplus ammo boxes (probably because someone had one just laying around.) These rectangular metal boxes left distinctive grooves on the posterior of the campers. Thus the name "groover" was born and to sit and contemplate is called "groovin."

Kinda brings a whole new meaning to Madonna's lyrics... "Get into the groove, boy you gotta move!"
Do you think The Young Rascals were aware of this term when they penned the lyrics, "Groovin, on Sunday afternoon."
I feel I should also mention the new meaning that applies to the 60's tune called "Feelin' Groovy."

I feel that Groover is an great name for my band since I am one that loves both the wilderness and music that has a groove!


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