modern electro-rock in the vein of The Killers, The Bravery, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, etc. with a more prominent synth role, without sacrificing alt-rock crunch.

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•FOLIO hits the road in March in a tour of the Southwestern US.
Stay tuned for tour dates•

Bio January 2009

Since it's inception, Los Angeles based quartet FOLIO has had a big vision: to create a pogo-inducing hybrid of modern rock energy and classic New Wave sounds. FOLIO's recipe features a marriage of prominent, vintage synths with driving guitars; carried by a host of sweat-soaked dance grooves, bum-shaking bass lines, and indelible vocal hooks. Often channeling a hybrid of classic/modern Electro-Rock sonic textures in the vein of Shiny Toy Guns, Duran Duran, She Wants Revenge, New Order, Killers, and MGMT, FOLIO has created a sound uniquely their own.


• FOLIO will be touring the Southwestern US in March 2009 and debuting new songs and live projection videos
• Fall/Winter 2008-2009-The band is currently writing and recording demos for a new full-length album.
• "Floating Away", "Scene Machine", and "Friday Girl" will be featured in the new Destineer snowboarding video game "Stoked" (Xbox, Playstation, and Wii), due out November 2008.
• May 29th, 2008-FOLIO signs to indie label Hensley Records.
• "Friday Girl" was featured in last season's Premiere of MTV's Newport Harbor.
• Co-headlined the main stage at the 2007 San Diego Pride Festival with Erasure in August 2007.
• FOLIO's modern rock specialty show radio campaign yielded enthusiastic results across the US. "Great Divide" charted at #12 on the FMQB Top 25 Albums Chart. FOLIO also charted at #12 on the Top 100 Artists on the National Alternative Radio Specialty Radio Shows chart (on 2/14/08)
• FOLIO has been charting on the Podsafe Music Network with 3 songs in the TOP 10 New Wave Charts.
• "Friday Girl" has charted in the TOP 10 Hot Tracks on Upstream Radio at

Core members Brent Meyer and Chris Willshire began writing a few years ago with the goal of creating seductive and powerful dance music, and began tracking the album even before putting a band together. Brent had recently produced a project with producer/mixer Tim Palmer (U2, Tears For Fears, Ozzy, Kill Hannah, HIM) and was eager to apply what he had learned, and enlisted the aid of some brilliant session/touring musicians to get recording underway. Joey Waronker (Paul McCartney, REM, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins) lent his rhythms on the drums, while guitarist and composer Lyle Workman (Sting, Beck, Frank Black, Sheryl Crow) added guitar mojo. Lastly, Roger Manning Jr. (Morrissey, Jellyfish, Beck, Air) stepped in to give the project an air of early 80s analog synth authenticity. To round out the all-star team, they enlisted Bryan Carrigan (Seal, No Doubt, Alanis Morissette) to mix the EP. With a direction firmly established, the duo sought out liked-minded band members to further the cause.

OC native Danny Johnston, fresh from a stint recording drums on a Mike Ness (of Social Distortion) solo project, sought out a group with his pop sensibilities and unrelenting work ethic. Since joining FOLIO, the precision and energy he brings has galvanized their live show.

Willis Clow, a recent graduate of USC with a Master's in jazz performance, won over the band with his versatility and aggressive guitar attack. As a seasoned session/studio player, Willis adds more depth and substance to their evolving sound.

FOLIO is currently enjoying a writing frenzy, and is in pre-production for a new 2009 release. They have about 2 albums' worth of rough demos in progress. The group will continue to complete these demos through the Fall and Winter of '08, then commence recording in early 2009.

FOLIO's sound straddles the fence between visceral alt-rock energy and sensuous, synthetic electro. With one foot in each world, the band hopes to win over converts from all camps. Judging from the worldwide response to Great Divide and their live shows, they are certainly on their way.

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