I have sang in many places around the NY,NJ areas when I sang gosple songs.
I have sang in the Apollo Theater. Gloria Gayner is a friend of mine I knew her manager before I went into the Air Force, His name is Mr Jay Ellis They are always looking for female vocaliist, So I was hoping to be able to locate them again.
I have won many singing awards when I was in the service, I sang for Sen. JohnGlenn In Figi Island,. and many more USO folks. I was the first black flight Attendent on Air Force One, which was my job while I was In the service. I sell real estate now for Keller Williams Realty, just to keep enough money to keep writting songs and making demos. Singing and song writting is my passion.God gives me my songs in my dreams to give to the world as a gift from him. I'm just the deliverer of the songs. My mission is to get out as many songs of all kinds to make the world know that music is made to bring us together in harmony in sync with the creator of sound.
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