Shoegaze Americana Groove from Portland Oregon.

Here's our review from the Two Louies Magazine

Floating Pointe - "She Waits"

"Somewhere on this intercontinental chordal excursion through textured sounds and blended genres you realize your ears have hijacked your brain. That deceptive splash of viola encountered something that sounded like a cross between a sitar and a didgeridoo. Now, instead of an evening at the Civic Auditorium, the Taj Mahal has sprung up in The Outback and Ravi Shankar is jamming with Australian aborigines. Electric guitars and richly sung lead and background vocals bring this ethereal, work of genius home to the experimental, alternative rock genre where it had begun; right here in Portland"- FG from Two Louies


The Floating Pointe members have played music in Portland and the West since the early 90s in such bands as: Sylvias Ghost, Jesus Presley, Uncle B & Auntie E & J-DOG, Post Impression, The Wayne Gacy Trio, Sweet Juice, and others. Throughout the years they have opened for such national acts as The Daddies, Pink Martini, Bo Diddley, Everclear, Elliot Smith, and hundreds of local acts. They have also performed in more traditional musical organizations like the Portland Opera Co. and Mock's Crest Productions.

Collectively, the group can be heard on over 25 releases and their music has found its way into independent films such as "Slam Nation," commercials for Alta Vista search engines and Miller beer, and MTV specials like "Road Rules" and "The Real World."

Floating Pointe currently plays their music around Portland as an acoustic rock act with singing, guitars, viola, cello and percussion. Or sometimes as a very electronic, guitar and synth rock band. On these CD's, you will hear these contrasting genres of music. Enjoy!

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