Feature Creep
a system that gets bigger and more out of control as time passes

Feature Creep is one. Me. Every sound. Every mistake. Me.
There is no one else to blame. No one else to take credit.
This is is not the way I intended it. It is just how it is. For now.

Drummer. Bassist. Guitarist. Vox. Jeff.
Some alternative. Some rock. Some mellow. Some groove.
Whatever comes, goes.

Please listen and like it.

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Screw the press

Unless they want to do a story on me

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Everything I see and hear


Feature Creep is the result of years in numerous bands (nothing you've ever heard of). All the while stockpiling and reworking my own material. Every band I've been in has been but one step to here. Some songs are in their third or fourth generation. Others are just born. More are on the way.

I started playing drums a year before high school. Started playing bass three years later when none of the bands I was in had a bass player. Picked up the guitar when I realized that songs didn't sound so good with just drums and bass. Started singing two years ago when I realized that songs were more fun to listen to with words.

I wrote everything you hear. I played all instruments and also the part of engineer. All songs were recorded in my garage. My neighbors will testify to that.

I would rather play live than in a studio, but it's very difficult to sing, play guitar and bass and drums, and jump around on stage at the same time. So right now, I record.

I hope you enjoy what you hear.

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