Even Steven's sixth release "Empty Hands" is a brilliant album that combines dreamy rock ambiences along the lines of Roger Eno with melancholy lyrics along the lines of Coldplay with wagnerian guitars along the lines of Pink Floyd. Many are calling the album a new genre "dreamo" and one publisher thinks it's the best album of the century!!!

The album deals with all of the emotions associated with loving someone so much but no matter what you do the other person doesn't have the same feelings, hence the name "Empty Hands". Steven Campeggi plays guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, lead & background vocals. Some belive that it is the best solo performance ever recorded, so check it out your self.

Even Steven

I want to be one of the artists that are going to get adults excited about new music, I have an incredible music story and the music to back it!!!

In October 2002, I suddenly felt an uncontrollable desire to express myself through music, even though I had never played a musical instrument, never taken a music class and never had anything to do with the music industry. In 3 months I taught myself to play keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and sing and felt comfortable enough with my skills to start the “progressive rock” band “Even Steven” in January 2003.

I wrote, produced, engineered and performed all of the musical parts to over 300 songs in only 3 years, while working full-time!!!

I released my sixth “Even Steven” album “Empty Hands” in October 2005 throughCDBaby.com http://cdbaby.com/cd/evensteven7 I’m getting airplay and excellent reviews in the US and Europe!!!

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