Enrico Cervi (a.k.a. Ecliptic) was born and lives in Italy. He began to play guitar when he was thirteen years old. During the years of school he played acoustic and
electric guitar in a band. Then he studied classical guitar and orchestral composition. During his music studies he was captured by the fascination of renaissance
music and he studied renaissance lute for three years. In the year 1988 he began a new adventure in the world of electronic music. In those years he got a deeper
knowledge about musical composition and computer and he composed any kind of electronic and orchestral music.
He published:
2 CD's, each one of them containing 9 instrumental tracks.
More than 60 instrumental tracks in 40 compilations.
Dozens of tracks in Music Libraries.
Soundtracks for TV and Multimedia.

Enrico Cervi (a.k.a. Ecliptic)

I started playing guitar when I was thirteen years old. In the years of school I played acoustic and electric guitar in a band. During the years of college, I studied classical guitar, renassaince lute and composition. In the year 1988 I discovered the world of midi and got my first sequencer and keyboard, followed by a lot of sound modules and computers. From the late eighties to the early nineties I used to send demo tapes to a lot of publishers, until I've been signed up by an electronic/ambient music company. During the nineties that kind of new age/ambient music was very popular and 65 of my pieces were published in 40 compilations (more than 10,000 copies per compilation sold all over the world). In 1998, to my great satisfaction, the same label published two CD's containing only pieces of mine (5,000 copies per CD). A lot of the pieces I did in those years were and are used in TV and multimedia as well. This job finished in the year 2000, when the company did stop publishing new CD's for sale only going on on marketing the music library for film, TV and multimedia. In the following years I produced orchestral and electronic pieces for several music libraries, for TV, multimedia and short movies. At present I'm working on movie soundtracks and new stuff for music libraries.

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