Emily Joe Everson, Age 25, Born and raised in California, now living in Louisiana. I grew up to the sound of my father thundering away at the piano. I knew that I had to learn. After high school I began to write constantly and was getting better at the guitar. I moved to Long Beach to start music school; just in time to be deployed to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom (US Army Reserve). We had open mic nights there for lack of any other entertainment. I kept placing in the top three performers. Here, I met my producer and friend, Mike. A year later, on our return to the US, Mike produced my debut CD, Stealing Gray. Why Louisiana? Well, the talent that has come out of New Orleans for decades past and decades to come inspires me. Also, Louisiana happens to be the home of Mike's “Studio 909” and the first person that believed in me enough to bet money on my talent. I'm here and ready to rock! Visit www.emilyjoe.com. Phone: 985.956.0379.

Everson Blue

“Everson Blue”

“Everson Blue” has been in the making for several months. It just so happened that these musicians were in the right place at the right time. Pure coincidence fused this great group together immediately. This is a band with a whole new sound and features a lineup of terrific original music. Two singer/song writers, Carl and Emily Joe, have written some of the best material heard in years. Each one contributes to each other’s work in perfect harmony. The two are backed by two talented and experienced members, drummer, Larry, and bassist, Jamie. This band cannot be measured and is undoubtedly hot!

The Band…

Carl Smith, age 34, Guitar and Vocals. Carl has been playing for over 20 years and writing for just as long. All of his songs are written with such zeal, that you can feel the heart and soul coming through the amps. He has influences from Lynard Skynard, Jackson Brown, and SRV. Carl has played at a variety of venues over the years, clubs, sports bars, hotels, campgrounds, correctional facilities and benefits, and throw in a festival or two like the Strawberry Jam.

Emily Joe Everson, age 24, Guitar and Vocals. She just completed her first fully featured CD, “Stealing Gray”, backed by some great studio performers, when she was looking for a great sounding band to merge with. After meeting for a first rehearsal to just to “play around”, she found herself never wanting to look back as a solo artist. Music is her passion and has been part of her all her life. Her family is very creative musically. Influences include Fiona Apple, Jewel, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tori Amos, and Zepplin. (Visit her website at HYPERLINK "http://www.emilyjoe.com" www.emilyjoe.com)

Jamie Smith, age 38, Bass. Jamie has played music for 25 years, bass for five. He hails from another musical inclined family with a father that played guitar and sang. Jamie and his brother Carl, have been a nucleus of music inspiration for many years. Loves Jackson Brown, Lynard Skynard, and The Eagles. Jamie is ready to hit the pro circuit.

Larry Stevens, age 45, Drums. Larry has played drums since age 16. He was greatly influenced by George Rouselli and Terry Bozzio. Larry has worked with numerous bands over the years (Shaky Puddin’, Sharon Sue, Stayned Glass, Free Wiskey, and New Horizon), played steady for two years with a house band, and worked a great many spot jobs. Warmed up for David Alan Coe, Hammond, LA, the 70’s. Larry is a tight and experienced drummer.

“Everson Blue” is ready to rock…

Contact numbers:
Production: Mike Schnabel 985.956.0379/985.386.5908
Visit HYPERLINK "http://www.Eversonblue.com" www.Eversonblue.com

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