"SWEETFEED tracks have an energy about them, good structure and catchy melodies. The vocal performance's are consistently engaging, whilst the rhythm section has a youthfulness that is charming. SWEETFEED reminds me of the energy found in the punk/new wave movement found in the late 70's early 80's in the U.K!"
- Kevin Killen, Producer/Engineer (Elvis Costello, U2, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel)

"Em Duff is a rough and ready mama with a heart of gold who can wrap herself around a song and make it come out sweet, hot, sexy and plaintive. Em is a real-deal street diva ready to rock and rumble with the best of them."
- Gary Lucas, Guitarist/Songwriter (Capt. Beefheart's Magic Band, Jeff Buckley, Joan Osborne).

"I particularly enjoyed the guitar playing and tones....especially the cool riff on 'Pass it On'. SWEETFEED is quite rockin' - Lots of chugging eighth note grooves!"
- John Leventhal, Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer (Michelle Branch, Shawn Colvin, Rosanne Cash, Marc Cohn)

em duff is back! Pass it On!

born and raised in NYC, em duff has been playing and writing music since she was a little girl playing her uncle benny's mandolin. fed a steady diet of AM rock/pop radio and an at home playlist of LPs that included blood sweat and tears, janis joplin, johnny cash, neil diamond, joni mitchell and others, em soon set her sights on her mother's giannini classical guitar and took it from there. she frequented rock and roll clubs in the late 70's as a very under age pain in the ass who wouldn't go away until she got in to see the shows and became totally hypnotized by the NYC punk rock scene. em has never lost her punk attitude even as she transitioned into a more blues scene, replacing jeff buckley as the lead singer of Gary Lucas' band Gods and Monsters and being called one fo the finest female true-blues voices on the downtown music scene (Intel/New Music Festival 1996/knitting factory show). Courted by Producer Sandy Perlman (Give 'em Enough Rope, The Clash), em chose to leave Gods & Monsters and start her own band, Eudora, an "alt. country" group that coined the term Grange as a new genre of NYC brand grungey country punk. Eudora had a great run but encountered many internal personal problems which finally ended with one band member in jail and em moving on, pulling an eddie and the cruisers and disappearing from the music scene altogether until recently resurfacing as sweetfeed, an amalgam of all musical genres good, pumping out outrageously catchy country pop rock tunes that remind you of a time when buying records was a passionate past time. rock on sweetfeed! em duff is back! PASS IT ON!

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