Sit back and let your soul to be refreshed. Hectic schedules send many people to massage therapists to unwind! Here's another way ... even the upbeat and energetic songs contained in Elisabeth Genco's CD Heaven Bound have a soothing effect ... and the benefits can last much longer as the melodies and lyrics have staying power. Who better to look to for creative inspiration than “The Creator� Himself!

Elisabeth is a contemporary Christian artist / songwriter currently residing in Bristol, PA. She performs as a solo artist in various churches, at memorial services, Christian conferences, patriotic and benevolent organizations.

"My Soul Waits For You" and "Highway of Holiness" found their way onto Broadjam's "Top 10" in the Folk / Religious and Country / Religious genres...

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Singer/songwriter Elisabeth Genco was asked by friends of various ministries, to write a song to encourage young people to save sex for marraige. With God's help and the talents of Marissa, Matt and Marcia DiPietro, the song "I'm Gonna Wait" was birthed. Arrangement and vocals performed by Matt and Marissa (brother and sister), and orchestrated by mom, Marcia, an accomplished musician and Worship Minister at Bristol Assembly of God church.
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