For the last three years, Eddie Cohn has been knee deep in writing, recording and breathing his new album entitled “If I’m Happy It Ends.” Originally from Cleveland, OH, Cohn moved out to Los Angeles about ten years ago to pursue a career in music. As you listen to Cohn’s soaring yet whispering voice along with his personal lyrics, you can hear that his uncle, singer/songwriter Marc Cohn, has always been a dynamic influence on his songwriiting. Cohn has recorded three EP'S, had songs heard on the WB and also had songs played on radio stations across the country including KCRW in Los Angeles. Cohn also had a development deal at Columbia Records. The record is currently being featured on KZSU in Stanford, CA as well as the Internet Radio Station RADIOIO where DJ, Zoe Montana calls Cohn's record "a must have." Cohn has just joined forces with Tinderbox Music to begin a radio campaign that should last into the spring where he is then expected to tour.


I have been asked so many times about writing a bio. Writing something that tells the world a little about me. And the first thing that always comes to my mind is, “How fucking narcissistic!!!” Can’t do that!! Won’t do that!!!

And let’s face it, bio’s are lies anyway. I mean have you really sat down and read some of this bullshit. They’re all lies, or at least extensions of the truth. I mean what are bio’s really except an attempt to sound much more important than we really are. Or maybe I am just jealous because every time I read a bio, the person I am reading about sounds so much more important than me. Which ultimately makes me feel so unimportant.

Maybe I should tell you that I have had songs heard on television. Maybe I can tell you that I have been heard on KCRW, one of the most incredible radio stations in the world. Maybe I can tell you that my new record is being played right now on the radio in Louisville, Kentucky. Maybe I can tell you that my uncle is Marc Cohn and that he has been one of the biggest inspirations for me both creatively and personally.

And maybe I should tell you where I have been. Well for the last three years, I have been writing and recording an album with two fabulously talented men. I am indebted to both of them really. One is Evan Beigel. He has always had an ear for music I can only wish I had. He truly is a producer/engineer/mixer in the fullest sense. He always knows where to put microphones, which microphones to use, which players to use, which players not to use. He always has an opinion about how something should sound and nine times out of ten, he is right. And he has an incredible vision. A vision of how the record should sound. A man that oozes music. A man that gushes music. A man whose musical prowess is all over my record.

The other man behind the wheel on this project is Bruce Watson. All the landscapes you hear on this record, more than likely what you are hearing is Bruce Watson. Whether it’s the guitar, bass, harmonica, glockenspiel, triangle, or just some random beautiful sound, more than likely what you are hearing is Bruce Watson. He truly has been a gift in my life and it was three years ago when Bruce and I decided to get together and write some songs. We wrote about 20 songs in an effortless, beautiful way. And many of those songs you will find on this record.

Before this record, I guess like most artists, I would call myself a searcher. I found myself stumbling through my twenties searching for so many things. But mostly, I was searching for my voice and trying to develop my sound. Cause let's face it, most of the time as artists, we’re spent trying to find our voice. And I guess it hasn’t been until this record, where I have felt comfortable with how I sound. It’s pretty exciting. Actually, it’s amazing!!

I hope this qualifies as a bio. Maybe it’s not even close, but in some strange way it feels real. I thought maybe instead of telling you who my musical influences are, I would tell you who I am listening to on my ipod right now.

Beck “Guero”
Marjorie Fair
NIN’s new record “White Teeth”
Ray LaMontagne
Spoon’s record “Gimme Fiction”
Thievery Corporation
Sun Kill Moon
Ryan Adams

I guess I should probably tell you where I came from originally. I should tell you that I am a midwestern Ohio boy at heart. That I am about cheap pizza one day and fresh sushi the next. That I am about hot humid summers and frigid cold winters. I guess I should tell you that I am about family, great conversations, long lasting friendship and about coming home. That I am about love and struggling to find love, to keep the love you have and to make the love you have stronger. I guess I can tell you so much more about myself, but at this point, all I want is for you to listen to my record.

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