This songwriter writes a number of genres,mainly country and country gospel,but also writes novelty,christmas,bluegrass,etc.Has written over 3000 songs,approximately 150 recorded by indie artist.Two number one songs in gospel in 2004 and 2005,won the Canadian Shai award for CD of the year 2005 in country/bluegrass gospel,singer P.Grimes,label Newsflash Sounds.This songwriter has five CDs on CD Baby,selling well.Email this writer at

My responsibilities to Jesus.

God gave me a gift to write songs and I believe I have a responsibility to use that gift to help spread the Gospel to mankind.I have written songs all my life,mainly country,but after God saved me at 37 years old,I started writing more and more Gospel.Now about 95% of what I write is Gospel.

I try to keep my songs as biblical as possible,I try to lead people to Christ and salvation.Some may say my songs are too "religious",to preachy.It does no good to write for itching ears,a feel good message will never get anyone saved,they must hear the truth and the truth sometimes hurts.I've heard a lot of so called Gospel songs that are very weak and will lead no one any where but to destruction.If I am to serve my Lord,I want to do it in a way that makes a difference,that makes a person think and ask him/herself if they are right with Jesus.As a baby you eat baby food but to remain strong as an adult you must eat grown up food.The Gospel is food for the soul,you need to get it in a good sermon and a Gospel song should be a three minute sermon.We hear too many itching ears sermons these days in church and too many of the same type of Gospel songs,time is short,the truth must be told and understood.

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