As a band we try to explore Progressive / Modern Rock and blend inspiration we have gleaned from music we grew up with over the years such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Caravan,Yes, The Police and too many others to list. As a twist we also mix in elements that do not necessarily reflect the previous meaning of the term "Progressive". Progressive should mean no limits. We strive for strong melody, vocal harmony, and musical cohesiveness--played and recorded in real time. Human music made for humans. Music made for the heart ,mind and spirit. Thanks for listening...Paul, Ray & Dale

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'Everythings` Good Times" video:

"Each has prog rock roots that impress. If you love Yes and Gentle Giant..."

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Take flourishes of energetic rock music such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Caravan, Yes and The Police and add dashes of danceable ambient , sprinkle in some spirited electronica and acoustic and you get EACH music. EACH`s descriptive term for what they play is "PSYCHETRELLIC MUSIC". Definition: Psychetrellic Music--EACH`s musical influences they experienced separately growing up, then blending elements of vocal harmony, meaningful lyrics, and soaring instrumental passages distilled into the sound of EACH. To feel good, play liberal doses at high volume! In earlier times, upon listening to an early demo album, a famous producer exclaimed "Why the record companies won`t know what to make of this! Each song is too diverse! You gotta have at least 10 hit singles that sound alike on the album to get a record deal!" This proved to be a catalyst that induced an "independent" DIY attitude and the realization that there was a new musical world order coming and an ever evolving musical technology that would transform and democratize the music industry. EACH sees the diversity of each song as a plus. This way the intelligent listener (you) will know that each time he/she listens to an EACH album that the next album will be a new musical exploration. In a time where musical technology provides musicians and songwriters with unparalled tools limiting what can be done musically only by the human imagination it seems a lot of music falls short of meaning and feeling. Every note played and sang by EACH is played in real time and not sequenced and tweaked until the music is perfect and yet seems unnatural and played by machines. They want to reach people who like themselves are in a search (online, radio, record stores, for music in their everyday lives that makes them feel connected, energetic, spiritual, inspired, and even euphoric! EACH formed when Paul J. Young, Raymond Black, and Dale Williams began writing and recording original songs and playing gigs in the Southeast, covering radio album oriented rock, while playing an original song now and again to promote their music. Each of the three have played music since childhood, been in various local bands, and played as studio session side men. Raymond at one time managed Studio In The Country , a major recording facility in Louisiana working with such diverse artists as Stevie Wonder, Kansas, The Allman Brothers and numerous others. The first album project --"LIGHTSONGS" featured a collection of melodic vocal songs (much in the Beatle/ RubberSoul vein) in counterpoint to the heavy rock they played live. This was the bands` first album and a new opportunity to record at Studio In The Country. LIGHTSONGS was recently digitally remastered and is available in CD format. THE NORTH BORDER SESSIONS is the result of utilizing modern music technology to create music together--but from different states in which the members live. Paul, Ray, and Dales` recording studios function as one though they are in remote locations. Using music technology to transcend the space-time continium between them, they aspire to reach listeners in a larger world.

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NEW ADVENTURE VIDEO just released the new EACH video entitled "THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" The video documents in a compressed couple of minutes` EACH in the studio recording their first album. It is actually a kind of micro documentary.


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NEW ADVENTURE VIDEO has just released the music video of --"Everythings` Good Times" on YouTube. The URL is:


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