Finally a rock and roll band that remembers what rock and roll is all about. Don's Neighbors takes the stage with some original versatile retro rock songs, mixed with a selection of our favorites that will truly take you back to the good times of rock. From a 10 X 12 garage, to the stages of various venues around the San Francisco Bay Area, comes a band that remembers to have fun. It's all about having fun! ! ! ! ! !
Don's Neighbors are: Kevin Held on keyboards & vocals, Michael Ray (a music biz veteran!) on bass & vocals, Michael Jennings providing drums and percussion, and Nick ("Man Of Many Guitars") Maris on guitars and vocals, completing this unique group - Don's Neighbors. Truly a remarkable combination of guys who just want play music and share their songs with the world. Listen for Don's Neighbors on the radio and catch them on tour when they come knocking on your door to play.
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