DJ Myth has been dj'ing since 16 years old. Many people didn't know about this at the time, but he knew what he was doing. DJ Myth's first techno experience was when he had attended a DJ Heavygrinder event (don't ask how he got in). From then, he knew he wanted to raise the standards and get the crowd moving just like her, from then he practiced with vinyls (that didn't work too well), so he kind of gave up until he noticed another alternative, mind you digital dj's don't get respected often but he was determind to earn it. After experimenting with many software products such as: FL Studio, Magix Deluxe, Ejay Virtual DJ, and etc.


Dj HeavyGrinder, Micheal and Janet Jackson, Rees Urban, Dj Bam Bam. I have a lot of influences. I just can't name them all. Hehe

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I guess you could say that I sound like DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, BT and The Prodigy

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