So far the opinions about Dim Lit Daylight and thier debut album are as varied as the tracks themselves. If you're into categories, 'mood-rock’ & ‘mellow-indie' have been suggested. If you're more into 'sounds like', well then, it's been compared to everything from ‘The Cure meets The Police’, to ’Lennon brit pop meets Train'. Add a pinch of 'Matchbox 20 meets Jack
Johnson' and you’re almost there.

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BIO - Dim Lit Daylight

Dim Lit Daylight is the creative efforts of best friends Joshua Free and Anthony Montanino from Los Angeles, California. After a 16 month national tour with their previous project, the guys brought Dim Lit Daylight to the table and release their debut album in August of 2005. After a few months of shows and rehearsals in California, the duo took the album and band on a three year national tour in January 2006.

The music of Dim Lit Daylight has been called emotional, moody and clever. Combining rock, pop and folk elements with storytelling lyrics and powerful vocals, Dim Lit Daylight is carving a niche for themselves across the country. The album showcases a variety of moods and styles, with themes of love and heartache, hope and redemption as well as contemporary themes.

The duo has owned and operated an independant label in LA for the past ten years and maintain a professional and hands on approach to their music and carreer. Songs they have released (with a previous project) have found their way into both television and movies and have become favorites for audiences around the nation. Currently the two handle all aspects of their tour, including promotion, booking, website, graphic design and production. Keeping very focused and busy the two plan to maintain and increase the bands momentum on a national scale.

Previous projects from the two resulted in song placements in both television and movies and an award winning independant album. [For more details please visit]

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