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"Oh my. Oh my oh my. Im not sure I like the idea that Ive got this downloaded on my computer, sitting there in my bedroom while Im asleep. It could be doing something. Something,, unpleasant.According to my Ladybird Book of Music, techno aims to provide the soundtrack to the future. Well if this is the future, were all gonna need hard hats. Paul Kalinin aka DIGITANZ reckons hes a transmitter only. Well I think you should take some responsibility for this disturbing noise that youre peddling. Its an absolute benchmark of hard n heavy techno. If such is your bag, dear listener, then you will think the 8 or so minutes goes too fast, if it isnt youll soon be looking for the off button after youve realised theres going to be no redeeming melodies, harmonies, vocals or other musical pleasantries to alleviate the relentless beat-driven behemoth that is 'Undomaker vol.III' (love that title!). From the outset 'Undomaker vol.III gets cracking with a relatively simple sounding rhythm but its hypnotic and builds seamlessly as it progresses, the individual sounds managing to remain clear and well defined in spite of the obscenities being perpetrated in the name of Art. Theres no sudden changes in terms of pace, breaks, samples or fx, rather elements are added to the swirling vortex or taken away quite naturally so theres no sudden jarring to make you think wheres that come from? All the sounds seem wonderfully messed up in some way: treated, distorted, overblown, twisted and abused. The snare is very prominent and sounds as if a real snare drum were being used that had sand on the drum head. Theres a fast shaker going on as well that really makes your heart rate race whilst all the time squerlges* of sound pass from speaker to speaker. (*This is a new word that Ive just had to make up to accurately describe this aural abomination! Listen to it, youll see.)Finally, as the creative energy is spent, the music decays away,sounding just like a Wildebeeste rolling around on a Hammond organ. Yes, its that good!" Michael Esse about "Undomaker vol.III" (www.electromancer.com)

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