dhruva is an international multi-styled musician, he created a unique electro-organic sound,filled with amazing guitar playing, voice improvisation & deep and powerful lyrics.
Grammy worthy album!

all lyrics, guitars, bass, keyboards, programing, composition, arranging & voices by dhruva, Mastered by Joe lambert (Bjork, Ravi shankar, nelly furtado) @ classic sounds studios NY.

dhruva Lance studied profesionally from the Royal Board Music school of london (Classical Studies), Dick Grove (composing and arranging), and the Collective School of NY. he also studied dance music production & sinthesis for electronic styles such as Trance, Hip Hop, Ambient/chill-out, House, Techno & Trip-hop.

Rafa sardina a 9 grammy award mega producer, listened to dhruva`s debut album atman, and proposed to produce him a 2nd album in wich is currently working on.
dhruva Lance is founder of dhrecords. www.dhruvamusik.com www.dhrecords.net

dhruva & atman

This album is one of the most inovative albums you'll listen anywhere, dhruva has accomplished an important step in today's music by trully binding toghether the coming electronic revolution with true musicianship and instrument playing, his music carries the legacy of U2, Pink Floyd, yes, The Cure, Genesis and all the greats. he embraced many styles trough his life, from rock, electronic, funk, jazz, pop, and now he sums to the sound the world is craving for. If you feel Radiohead, Bjork, John Scofield, Massive atack, U2, Moby, Sasha, Tiesto, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, Coldplay, Muse, Peter Gabriel are proposing interesting things, well... dhruva is clearly one of gang!

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