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Descention is destined for deity.

There is something to be said about any band that can bring back the elements of real rock while still providing new, fresh sounds to jaded ears. Descention is the band deserving such praise.

Meeting somewhere between the depths of a frozen-over hell and the shining grandeur of heaven, their sound is truly bi-polar. They capture the edginess needed to evoke strong emotion, without over-the-top screaming. They are honest, but not cliché. This honesty is easily found under “a shroud of artistic ambiguity” (Brian Doxey, critic), perhaps an advantage of the close ties of band members.

Descention is a family, literally. Singer/songwriter Cammie Crozier and guitarist Will Crozier are brother and sister, writing together since they were very young. Guest keyboardist is also a sister, Mary Gray, whose husband, Adam, Will and Cammie snagged for their bass player. Drummer Cory Jones is a friend from high school days, very much a part of the family. As shown by the law of synergy, as well as The Godfather, such close ties turn to sheer power, which is definitely not lacking in this tight band with similarly moral values of Utah.

Utah seems a fitting location for Descention’s heavenly heredity, and while they have played in many various states, including music haven Southern California, Utah is a favorite. There, each member of the crowd suddenly is introduced to the rocker within and begins moshing with the masses.

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