residing in Elk River Minnesota USA Derek is a multi instrumentalist Singer/ Songwriter specialising in the Country/ Christian Country Genres', He started playing music seriously at the age of 19 years doing the pub & Club circuit in his native Ireland. Progressing in later years to touring all over the UK & Europe with various Country & Rock Bands. These days though he concentrates his efforts along with his wife Dixie McCorkell ( herself an accomplished Songwriter) on producing quality Country/ Christian Music. So prolific are this songwriting pair that there's always a new song in the pipeline for release . All aspects of life are covered in their music many from life experiences during their varied lifestyles a little something for everyone they say. hear more at
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Hi all despite recent setbacks like 5 days in hospital after Christmas I'm happy to say the new Album "South of Anywhere " is all but complete featuring 16 brand new Country tracks by yours truly its available for purchase now visit my website for details.

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Hey Y'all,

just a little about me and what I do.Born in Londonderry Northern ireland Relocated these days to Minnesota USA,I started my musical adventure so long ago it's darn near the year 1 LOL. Got my first guitar at the tender age of 14 almost drove my family insane till I learned to play it.But heck my Mom bought it to me so she only had herself to blame. Well practised hard almost every spare minute usually confined to the bathroom ( acoustics were better LOL) though it caused a few problems when someone had to go cause oft times I was singing and strumming so loud I didnt hear the agonising cries outside the door.I sounded a bit like the proverbial banshee wailing back then in fact me & the cat sang harmonies. By 19 I was out there doing my Thang on the pub and club circuit earning a crust or two and picking up all the playing tips I could from my peers this stood me in good stead for future years where I toured extensively all around Europe in Country & Country Rock bands life was good tiring but good, then I got married HECK that put an end to the touring LOL but not the playing I concentrated on doing more gigging around Ireland then. Started songwriting in my late 20's but most never saw the light of day as the bread & butter was earned doing the Covers of the day folks just didnt wanna hear the inate ramblings of the singer/songwriter.

That was the trend till I kinda quit for a while in my late thirties but still kept writing just for my own pleasure. Then came the age of technology and the INTERNET That got me kinda interested in playing again so I dug out the guitar and for the first time ever people actually clapped when I sang an original song . It felt good so I kept on going LOL.

Through the internet I met & teamed up with Dixie Vornbrock a songwriter from Minnesota , we kinda hit it off almost instantly and started producing some darn good songs ( If I say so myself ) We met for the first time face to face in the summer of 2004 and married in 2008 we've been together ever since and still produce sweet music together and will for the forseeable future . Some of those songs are featured here so go ahead and listen thats why we write them. Hope you enjoy our musings !!!!

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