Pop/Pop Rock - Songs about being popular, desired: Multiple shows on network need music

ID: FT10DZ03    Posted March 28, 2010
Looking For: Upbeat Pop and Pop Rock songs about being popular and/or desired.
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: No
Budget: Varies per song

Description: Music supervisors that work on multiple shows for a major cable music network are looking for upbeat Pop and Pop Rock songs about being popular and/or desired. Songs must have a contemporary sound. Show themes include rich 20-somethings living extravagantly, young people becoming popular, attractive people showing off looks, etc.

These supervisors have licensed over 170 songs from Broadjam members that have submitted to their opportunities. Last month, they licensed over 40 songs from submitting Broadjam artists. The network is very popular and two of the shows regularly draw 1-3 million viewers per episode.

The network produces all their own content and may use the songs at anytime, non-exclusively. This opportunity is for a blanket license so that the network may use the songs when they need them, and artists will receive performance royalties for each usage. Sync fees may also be paid for some songs depending on the usage. If not contacted directly, you will know when your song is placed when your performing rights organization sends your payment for your publishing and writers royalties, along with a list of shows to which it was licensed in.

Not every project has been announced publicly, so if your music is licensed, make sure you have permission before you announce the name of any of this network's programs.

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  • Deal Type: Non-Exclusive
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