Hip Hop instrumentals: Extreme sports show needs music beds

ID: FT09GB11    Posted November 6, 2009
Looking For: Hip Hop instrumental tracks, or Hip Hop tracks that only include vocals that reinforce the chorus or main hook. All styles and tempos will be considered. The length can vary from 1 minute to 3+ minutes.
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
Budget: They are unable to offer any upfront sync fees, but selected artists will receive credit on scenes when they're songs are playing, as well as in the end credits - credits include links to band's websites.

Description: The music supervisor for an extreme sports reality TV show needs a wide variety of Hip Hop instrumental tracks. The band/writers will keep master/publishing rights - the songs are just needed for this specific usage. The band/writer will receive credit in the opening, closing credit, and link to band's (writer's) website from the episode page on the TV network's website.

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  • Deal Type: Non-Exclusive
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