Rock - Epic/inspirational songs: Football TV promo's need music

ID: FT09BC07    Posted July 14, 2009
Looking For: All styles of Rock. They want epic, inspirational, anthemic stadium songs. They don't want anything dated or old; only modern productions will get serious consideration.
Suggested Subject Matter: Winning, competition, struggle, endurance, strength to overcome challenges, us against them, growth and self-betterment, brotherhood, teamwork, comradery...(ie. All that is positive that pro-football stands for).
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes

Description: A music supervisor is looking for music for on-air promotions for pro football games. Full-length songs are needed. The promo's themselves will range between 30-60 seconds each, but they want the freedom to edit full-length tracks down to fit picture.

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