Instrumental Music Beds: Major cable network seeking multiple songs - Round 5

ID: FT09DV06    Posted June 16, 2009
Looking for: Instrumental Music Beds
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes/Preferred

Description: The provider of this opportunity will screen all songs and those that are selected will be licensed for use by almost 20 music supervisors who work on multiple hit TV shows for this major cable network station. The client produces all their own content and may use the songs at anytime, non-exclusively. You will know when your song is placed when your performing rights organization sends your payment for your publishing and writers royalties, along with a list of shows to which it was licensed in. Broadjam members Ken & Becky Rash recently had their song placed in a reality TV show as a result of submitting to this opportunity provider!

Each artist that submits to this opportunity will be contacted and informed of the results after the round is closed and selections are made. Over 180 Broadjam artists have had songs licensed to this network through this opportunity provider.

Project Details

  • Deal Type: Non-Exclusive
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