All styles - songs about overcoming adversity: Indie film titled 'No Warning' needs songs

ID: FTA1239    Posted March 3, 2009
Looking for: All styles - songs about overcoming adversity, troubled childhood, making a difference in life
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
Movie Genre: Drama

Description: Death stalks us and watches our every move," says 13-year-old Andre, reading his essay aloud to his schoolroom class. "That's why we all live with no warning." Andre, who lives with his mother and abusive stepfather, is a gifted writer, and avid reader, with good grades. He is encouraged by his understanding teacher, Ms LaFluer, and adoring mother, Raquel, and believes his teacher when she tells her students, "You're the ones who can make a difference." But he cannot escape the every day dangers of living in his crime-ridden neighborhood, or the bad influence of his young friends, particularly Maurice, who comes from a dysfunctional, drug-ridden family, and already has criminal tendencies.

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