Scary, Haunting Songs/Music: Indie Horror/Thriller Feature Film Needs Music

ID: FTA1087    Posted December 22, 2008
Looking for: All styles of Scary, Haunting Songs/Music and Rock, Pop & Singer/Songwriter material
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
Movie Genre: Horror/Thriller

Description: In a small southern town, in 1872, a woman by the name of Clairesse La Vay was accused, tried and convicted of being a witch. She was put to death for her alleged crime by being buried alive, in a pine box coffin, in hallowed ground. Clairesse died a slow agonizing death. After a series of bizarre, twisted events; the coffin was dug up, and Clairesse was brought back to life. The cursed coffin continued to wreak havoc where ever and when ever it showed up.

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