High Energy Modern Instrumentals: Tracks needed for a TV commercial

ID:     Posted December 3, 2008
Looking for: Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock instrumentals
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes/preferred
Genre: TV commercial

Description: High energy modern instrumental tracks are needed for a fast paced financial office setting. The ad is for an International Forex Trading Company. There should be a sense of dramatic tension in the track but nothing even remotely scary or dark. It should be dominantly inspirational and motivational. Instrumentation is wide open at this point, but it should have a "worldly" feel without committing to any one particular foreign culture. The composition should feel vast, epic and expansive (ie. the production value of Massive Attack's album Mezzanine specifically the song Teardrop). Teardrop is much more downtempo that what is needed here, but the instrumentation and production is an example of one direction that could work. Please do not feel limited to just electronica or trip hop. Rock guitars or keyboards (Wurlitzer, Rhodes, etc.) with an electronic backdrop could work as well (ie. Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, etc) Even getting into the whole Peter Gabriel vibe is one way to look at this. The key is to keep the energy high with a focus on drums and rhythm.

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