Delicious Tea are a new and upcoming funk/rock band from Hampshire UK.
The band comprises of Graham Bagshaw-Smith: Guitars & Vocals, Paul Dillon: Drums & Percussion and Stu Cohen: Bass Guitars.

The group are at present rehearsing and recording demos for a debut album to be recorded later 2004.

Delicious Tea always welcome venues offering gigs etc, contact them on

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Delicious Tea have said that at present they are rehearsing like mad to get their tunes sounding great, but they are hoping some venues will offer them gigs in the Andover / Winchester area.


The trio have said that their influences include the likes of: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Incubus, Stevie Wonder to name a few.
All these artist seem to produce funky music, which the Tea love to play.


Delicious Tea are not a well known band, but are made from the ashes of past popular groups in the Hampshire area.
The three members seem to gel extremely well together producing amazing results.

Graham stands out as a very talented song/lyric writer but says that it doen't seem to come together until all the members play their part.

Stu appears to be the "backbone" of the trio - holding the tunes together with the solid yet funky bass lines.

Paul stands out to the audience as he is all over the place but yet produces some mind boggling double bass drum beats and talented fills.

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