David A. was 4 years old when he received the gift of music. A child prodigy, David could hear a song or melody and instantly play it on the piano. His soon discovered talent was classically groomed and he was playing piano concertos at an early age. He developed the unique gift of interpreting the Spirit's prophetic movings through the medium of music.

Many of the selections on "Invitations" are the actual melodies and motifs captured during the move of the Spirit of God . They are, in essence, musical "prayers" and conduits of joy, healing, gratitude, sorrow, loss, love and life.

As many of the songs reflect deep and profound love, listeners often comment on the romantic undercurrents of the music. Indeed, some have called Invitations - "the most romantic music brought to earth." So if you find yourself reconnecting with your beloved - don't be surprised . . . just enjoy.
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